Our farewell to Montmartre

After a wonderful two years in our little apartment overlooking Paris (our view is above), our Montmartre chapter is now over. 

Yep, we are moving to another part of Paris. 

To mark the farewell, Lina and I took one last walk around our old neighbourhood, with microphone in hand, and recorded a kind of love letter to this wonderful neighbourhood. 

If you close your eyes, you can probably imagine that you’re walking the cobbled streets with us. Listen below or on your favourite podcast player.

So where in Paris will we be next? Well, you’ll have to keep listening 🙂

Now, if you really enjoy The Earful Tower and want a whole lot more from this little world, every episode comes with deep dives into relevant aspects of Paris. So today it’s a huge Scroll about Montmartre, just for members. Get them automatically each week by becoming a member on Patreon here.

Look below, just 2 of the 14 pages from this week’s Scroll. Everything from the episodes, travel tips, and much more.

And just a reminder, if you enjoyed this podcast episode, the final chapter of my book, Paris On Air, was also about our time in Montmartre.

And in case you missed it last week, here’s a long walk through the very same streets of Montmartre, but this time with Ernest Hemingway.

That’ll do for me! To new adventures!

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