In Pictures: When the Seine River floods

Every year at about this time, the Seine River in Paris tends to flood.

Usually it’s no big deal, the water just trickles over the edges and gives the riverside sidewalks a little rinse…

Right now, the water has been rising every day. Not enough to cause concern, but enough to close a few tunnels and walking paths along the banks.

But sometimes it is a big deal. Like in 2016. Or especially in 1910!

Me, I am a huge fan of this natural phenomenon, and I took a deeper dive into the topic on today’s podcast. In it, you’ll hear me give the current lay of the land, a few stories from the big flood of 2016, and an insight into the Great Flood of 1910.

Here’s the episode.

And here are two of the pictures I discussed in the podcast from Paris 111 years ago. Click here for more of my favourite pics from 1910 (and yes, that’s a polar bear below)

As for my pictures from this week, I’ve included them below.

(Click on these images to make them bigger!)

If you want more current pics from the Paris flood, I’m based on the Ile Saint Louis and close to the action. I will certainly be giving regular updates on my Instagram page. Follow here.

And PS: As I mentioned in today’s podcast episode, my new guide to Paris is now available for Patreon supporters.

10 thoughts on “In Pictures: When the Seine River floods

  1. Thanks for the shout out to Minnesota when discussing the flooding of the Seine. “If you’re sitting there, driving somewhere, Minnesota, Sydney…” In Minnesota, the river that floods every year is the Mississippi. I grew up in Iowa, a mile from the Mississippi, and remember filling sandbags during a particular bad flood. So if you ever see sandbags along the Seine, you’ll know it’s a bad flood.

    1. thanks Oliver….love the info about the Seine and the flood. Keep posting its progress or recession….
      Love your posts, photos, and interesting interviews. Keep on keepin’ on!!!
      jeanie in kansas city

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