IN PICS: When the Seine River TRULY flooded Paris in 1910

As the Seine River continues to flood in Paris, here’s a look at some black and white photos from The Great Flood of 1910. 

I discussed this flood at great depth (!) on the podcast this week (you can listen below).

But in short, in 1910 the Seine rose so quickly that it took the locals by surprise. Water rushed through the tunnels and sewers and flooded the streets, leaving Paris deep under water.

It was two months before things got back to normal.

If you click to enlarge the images you’ll see the street names, some of which are quite far from the riverside.

And fun fact: If you look carefully, high on the walls of the Seine embankments, you can find engravings that mark the peak of the flood, often with the words Crue 1910.

If you want current flooding pictures from Paris, here are my photos from this week around the Ile Saint Louis and beyond.

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