Bird’s-eye view: Meet the man photographing Paris from its rooftops

Meet Raphael Metivet, a Frenchman who specializes in Paris from a unique angle.

This photographer climbs onto Paris rooftops for his shots – and not only are they brilliant but they’re hugely popular. He has amassed 127,000 fans on Instagram alone!

I had to find out more. How does he get up there? What does he see through people’s windows? What are his photography tips…

I asked to meet him for the podcast and he invited me upstairs for a shoot.

We met outside a residential building in the first arrondissement, we snuck through the front door, took the elevator to the top floor, then stealthily climbed through an open skylight.

The view was incredible. The whole of Paris before us, a 360 degree view. The perfect studio for a podcast episode.

And that is where we recorded this chat, which features answers to probably all the questions you might have. Listen below and subscribe for more!

To find more from Raphael, follow him on Instagram here.

Meanwhile, Raphael’s friend Jeremy Pritchard was also on hand during the interview. He took the cover image at the top and the one below, and plenty of other lovely rooftop pictures. Follow him here.

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Here’s the episode again, if you missed it!

One thought on “Bird’s-eye view: Meet the man photographing Paris from its rooftops

  1. The comment regarding the crane at Notre Dame was intriguing, so I asked my friend who’s in the industry. The crane there is the tallest of its type – flat top tower crane. The biggest crane is a monster in England named Big Carl. A couple of articles for your interest. this includes a video of it being erected.

    Yes, I did follow Raphael and Jeremy, and my Insta feed is that much more beautiful now.

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