A chat with Pamela Druckerman at the Place des Vosges

This week’s podcast episode is a chat with bestselling author Pamela Druckerman. You might know Pamela from her hit book Bringing Up Bébé (aka French Children Don’t Throw Food) – or maybe her new children’s book Paris By Phone. We talk about both (and a lot more) in this episode.

I met Pamela in the Marais and we recorded our chat while walking around the perimeter of the stunning arcades in the Places des Vosges.

I bet you’ll feel like you’re walking with us.

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For more from Pamela, check out her website here.

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3 thoughts on “A chat with Pamela Druckerman at the Place des Vosges

  1. Great fun at one of my favorite places, I was lucky to stay two weeks at a friends apartment on Cour Bernard just south of Place de Vosges. Used to walk through to go to Chez Janos.

  2. Enjoyed the lively banter in such a beautiful location! I also follow Pamela on her program done with her husband on Pandemonium U. Great program!

  3. Lovely to listen and imagine being in the spot with you. I thought you would mention how the Place des Vosges got its name!

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