The baker teaching the world how to make French pastries online

Meet Molly Wilkinson, a Texan who has transferred her baking business online, teaching people all over the world how to make French pastries.

We met in the Champ de Mars park by the Eiffel Tower to talk about French pastries, how to spot a good boulangerie in Paris, and how to avoid a bad one!

We even talk about one one of the best bakeries in Paris, life in a chambre de bonne in the 2nd arrondissement, and her new book French Pastry Made Simple.

Listen below to this week’s episode (and remember to follow for more fun Paris episodes every Monday).

Want more from Molly? Check out her website here, her Instagram here, and find more info about her new book here.

If you fancy cooking along with both Molly and me one day soon, that’s the plan for a Patreon-only video in the near future. Sign up here and unlock the 10-page Scroll that goes with this episode and includes a deeper dive into French kitchens, pastry, Stohrer, and more. (There’s a teaser below!) Happy baking folks!

3 thoughts on “The baker teaching the world how to make French pastries online

  1. What a fun interview you did with Molly! I am hooked on her classes. She’s smart, fun and makes everything look so easy. The Mille Feuille is fabulous! You’ll love it. You’d love the chocolate caramel tarts, the tarte citron and her palmiers. And oh her meringue class is great. Give her a try … you’ll be hooked too!

  2. Superb conversation!! Loved it all: the park setting, good humor, the spilled coffee, Molly (I’ve been one of her delighted students since November 2020), your interview style. Well done!!

  3. I have taken five classes with Molly in the last 3 months — clearly I am hooked! She’s a great teacher, and has allowed me to learn daunting techniques and recipes that I wouldn’t have tried on my own. She is so generous with her time and talent, and lots of fun to spend time with. Thanks for the great interview!

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