IN PICS: A private tour of the magnificent Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau

The Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte is breathtaking. Around 50 km south east of Paris, you might recognize it from films like James Bond’s Moonraker, The Man with The Iron Mask, and unusually enough, the series Versailles.

The chateau is privately owned and nothing short of incredible – and I was lucky enough to visit for a day when it was closed to the public.

The podcast episode

If you’re a podcast person, listen to my chat with the owner, Jean Charles de Vogüé. We talked about life as a chateau owner, how his family actually came into possession of this famous building, and the Hollywood weddings it has hosted. We also talk about the intriguing history of the chateau and how it caused the envy of King Louis XIV.

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We recorded the episode inside the gilded games room, which is pictured below. That’s Jean Charles on the right, a lovely gentleman!

If you want to find more about the chateau, here is the official website. If you want to support the chateau during this difficult tourist drought, here is a link for you.

More photos!

Videos from the chateau

Prefer videos? Click play below and see an eye-popping drone video of the entire estate. Yes, that’s me and Lina on the balcony at the start. What a sunset we saw!

And as I mentioned in the podcast, Jean Charles and I climbed the scaffolding to the top of the Grand Salon to inspect the renovation job. Below is my YouTube video, I hope you’re subscribed to the channel!

Meanwhile, I have LOADS more pics from this visit, which I’ve been sharing on social media. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram to see them!

For members

Lastly, if you’re an Earful Tower Patreon supporter, here’s the link to see the replays of the two live videos I did at the chateau. The first was a long stroll with Jean Charles through the gardens, he even turned on the fountains for us (and his pet dogs who joined us for the walk). The second video features an exclusive look inside all the rooms of the chateau without another soul in sight, with Jean Charles explaining it all and even revealing a family secret on one of the tapestries 🙂 Sign up here for the replays (and all the other bonus content!)

That’ll do for now! Hope you can make it to Vaux on your next trip to Paris!

4 thoughts on “IN PICS: A private tour of the magnificent Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau

  1. A. Dumas novel The Man in the Iron Mask tells the story of Fouquet’s grand entertainment of Louis X!V – and his rivalry with Colbert….and of course a bunch of other fictional stuff….but the Fouquet/Colbert story is pretty historical and not all made up.

  2. Stunning! Thank you for the tour – I spent a day in the garden pre-pandemic and was tempted to try for a tour of the chateau, but, your insight is as close as I may ever get.

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