The Paris ‘ghost town’ – and what I found there

Have you heard of Goussainville? It’s an abandoned village right next to the Charles de Gaulle airport and it has quite the unusual back story.

What’s actually there and why is it abandoned? Does it live up to the romanticized hype of bloggers and urban explorers? And the ultimate question: is it worth visiting?

Find out all the answers to these questions in this week’s episode, with special guest Lovely Lina.

Me, I visited the town with a film crew – I explain that story in the episode too. Listen below, be sure to hit follow on Spotify or wherever you find podcasts. And scroll down for more pics.

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3 thoughts on “The Paris ‘ghost town’ – and what I found there

  1. This place looks dangerous and so not worth visiting. Even if I lived in Paris, I would never visit this place. I am curious about the old and rare book vendor in the town, however. The books look new and in excellent condition. Quite surreal.

    Oradour-surGlane is a village worth visiting- totally destroyed by the Nazis in World War II.

  2. A late comment after a busy week but I enjoyed the podcast thankyou. Also the family contribution!

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