Paris On Air: Here’s my audio book for free

In 2020 I self-published my memoir, Paris On Air. The book is about my first five years in Paris.

Weirdly for me, the first time I held this very book in my hands was during that first strict Paris lockdown, which meant I had to cancel grand plans for a US and Australia tour.

During that first lockdown, with nothing much to do in our tiny Montmartre apartment, I turned the story into what some might call an audiobook (me, I call it an audio experience). I narrated it. All the characters from the book voiced their lines. And I added sound effects, original music, and extra interviews with the characters.

I am exceptionally proud of that audio experience, and I want you to hear it.

So, cut to the present day and who’d have thought it, I’m a father. And instead of scurrying around Paris trying to interview people for my weekly podcast, The Earful Tower, I figured I’d release this very audio experience for free each week, chapter by chapter, while I spend time with my fast-growing son, Otis.

You can find the audio wherever you find podcasts, just search for “The Earful Tower”. Or you can play it below.

If you enjoy it, perhaps you’d review the book on GoodReads? That would mean a lot to me too!

Lastly, if you’re an Earful Tower member on Patreon (which is $10 a month), you’ll unlock a world of extra content. This includes the weekly Scrolls that go deep behind the scenes of every podcast episode (including the audio experience) and feature extra reading, travel tips, maps, and more. Join the club here. It’s a new month, there’s never been a better time 🙂

Enjoy the book, I’ll be back again soon. Oliver

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