A night at Le Meurice: Inside the legendary Paris hotel

Well, we did it! We stayed in the “Heritage Suite” of the famed Le Meurice hotel in the centre of Paris. And it was jaw-dropping.

It was a cosseted world, indeed. The room was 98m²/1,054ft², had an unbeatable view of the Jardin des Tuileries, and was easily the most elegant place I’ve ever stayed in my life.

For this week’s podcast episode, Lina and I figured we’d share the full story: How and why I booked it, how we got a mind-boggling upgrade, and what exactly it’s like to stay in such a magnificent suite.

Look, that’s us below 🙂

For those of you who’ve been following closely, this is the hotel I discussed in my book Paris On Air, the one where Lina and I had cocktails on one of our first dates.

If you’re never gonna click play on the podcast episode below (… you’re missing out!)… but if you’re desperate to know the story of why we were there: It was a celebration for our little family of two birthdays and one birth.

To mark the occasion, I booked the cheapest room in the hotel. When the staff at Le Meurice found out about my podcast, they put us in the “Heritage Suite”, surely one of the best hotel rooms in the country! We couldn’t believe our luck 🙂

The episode

You can listen to the episode below on Spotify (click follow so it is in your feed)…

… or if you don’t have Spotify, you can click play below (or indeed find it wherever you get podcasts).

Our pictures of the hotel

I am sure many of you came to this site to see the pictures from our room, so here’s a full gallery. In case you want to explore further, here is the official site for Le Meurice, and here’s the direct link to the Heritage Suite where we stayed.

Note, I will be adding lots more pics and videos to Instagram and Facebook shortly, hope you’re following on both!

Other things mentioned in the show

There was a bit of talk about our respective “Bucket Lists” for Paris. You can find our top five Paris items for 2021 here, and you can find my “Top 100 things to do in 2021″ here.

The book Lina raved about in the episode is “The Debutante Divorcée” by Plum Sykes.

And The Earful Tower 2022 Paris Guide is linked below, together with our two children’s books.

OK that’s it for now. Why not check out the follow-up story to this, with the hotel’s executive chef Amaury Bouhours – from inside his kitchen!

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