Le Meurice: Inside the kitchen (and at the chef’s table)

I recently stayed at the legendary Paris hotel, Le Meurice (you can read more about my visit here).

Before leaving, I asked if I could interview the chef of their two-Michelin starred restaurant, a certain monsieur Amaury Bouhours. I’ve always wanted to talk to a top Paris chef, and this seemed like my chance.

Luckily for us all, the hotel not only agreed, but they suggested I record the podcast episode in the kitchen! So down we went into the underbelly of Le Meurice, recording half the episode at the Chef’s Table, and the second half on-the-go in the busy kitchen.

I hope that listening to it will make you feel like you’re in there with us.

So, here comes my chat with Executive Chef Amaury Bouhrous, together with pics taken by The Earful Tower’s photographer Augusta Sagnelli.

To listen to the episode, click play on the Spotify embed below. Or just below, you can listen on your desktop. For the pics, scroll down 🙂

The Earful Tower podcast episode

To listen on your desktop, click play below (and remember you can follow the pod for free wherever you get your podcasts!)

At the Chef’s Table

We started the interview here, at the chef’s table.

You can hear us describing it in more detail during the episode, but in short: this is a private room where the mega celebs eat, but also where chefs offer their new dishes to the famed Alain Ducasse, after whom this restaurant is named.

Note in the background of the pics is the window that can be blacked out, but at the time of recording we had it open so we could see into the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen

Halfway through the episode, we stepped into the kitchen to taste some food as it was being cooked.

Click the images below to see them much larger, and to get a closer look at many of the things we discussed in the episode, keep on scrolling.

What’s cooking?

Here are some extra pics from the food we discussed, and the kitchen scene in general.

And that’s it for this week! To check out the restaurant and its menu, click here. To know more about Chef Amaury Bouhours, you can find him on Instagram here.

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Bon appetit.

2 thoughts on “Le Meurice: Inside the kitchen (and at the chef’s table)

  1. Thanks Oliver, yet another lift to my Saturday morning.I enjoyed the podcast earlier in the week too. You certainly have doors open to you and well deserved. Also great pictures with the lovely Paris streets.
    Kind regards, Adrienne

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