How to paint Paris, with an artist in his studio

Do you want a peek behind the scenes of artist life on the Left Bank of Paris? 

Well it’s your lucky day! Today on the podcast it’s renowned artist Alex Hillkurtz, who talked about his painting method from inside his Left Bank chambre de bonne studio.

Alex is a big fan of the natural light in Paris, and explains his process of transferring it to the page via ink and watercolours. We also delved into his work as a Hollywood storyboard artist.

Listen to the episode below.

The Earful Tower podcast episode

As for me, I first met Alex when his work was on exhibit at the Orangerie in the Luxembourg Gardens. I became a fan and have followed him since, and I’m already planning my visit to see his work in the Grand Palais this year.

You can find more about Alex on his website here and you can join his nearly 100,000 Instagram followers here. Say hi from me!!

Bonus video for members

We recorded the episode inside his artist’s studio in the sixth arrondissement. We also filmed a live video inside the studio for Earful Tower Patreon members – if you missed it, or if you’re not yet a member, the link to sign up and watch the replay is here.

More photos from the day

I’ll be sharing more photos on social media in the coming days, but here’s a taster. That view!

New to The Earful Tower podcast?

If this is your first time here, I’ve copied in a bunch more episodes below! Follow along wherever you get podcasts and let me transport you to Paris every single Monday. Or dig deep into the hundreds of episodes I’ve done over the past five years 🙂

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