Paris Bucket List 2022: 50 things to do in Paris

Looking for something to do in Paris?

Here’s the 2022 edition of the Earful Tower’s bucket list. Let’s start with a quick look. Here’s the easy-to-read, easy-to-skim version (available as PDF further down).

Now, a few notes before we really get into it. These aren’t 50 new things in Paris. Rather, they’re 50 activities that me and my Parisian friends want to tick off our lists. Things we’ve always wanted to do… as well as a few new things (like the recently reopened Musée Carnavalet, pictured above).

The whole idea is to give yourself a reason to get out and do something in the city you love. I explained the rules, the idea, and my personal additions to the list in this week’s episode of the podcast. I’m joined by Shelly, an art consultant in Paris, who is the reigning champ of the Earful Tower bucket lists.

As I explained in the show, my own personal five items are first on the list below (1-5) followed by Shelly’s five things (6-10), followed by Lina’s (11-15)… then the rest are a mix of my friends’ offerings.

I’ve added links to official websites, and sometimes to my own work from previous visits.

Here we go!

The full list (with links): 50 things to do in Paris

  1. Get inside Saint Geneviève library
  2. Visit the Musée des Arts Forains (fairground museum)
  3. Have a cocktail at Shangri-La hotel
  4. Play chess with a stranger in Luxembourg gardens
  5. Dine at le Train Bleu restaurant
  6. Visit Halle Saint-Pierre art center
  7. Check out a book from the American Library
  8. Finally go to the Picasso Museum
  9. Have drinks at Bar Hemingway at the Ritz
  10. Try cheese from the MOF fromageries in Paris (link, in French)
  11. Have a solo breakfast at a terrace (with a book)
  12. Visit the Vanves Flea Market
  13. Hire sail boat in pond at Luxembourg gardens
  14. Baked potato at Kaspia restaurant
  15. Play tennis at Luxembourg gardens
  16. Visit Maison Gainsbourg – opening spring 2022
  17. Have a drink at the bar of the Lutetia Hotel
  18. Go to the Munch exhibit at the Musée d’Orsay
  19. Visit Château Vaux-le-Vicomte (my visit here)
  20. Go to the Maille shop and taste mustard on tap
  21. Find Josephine Baker at the Pantheon
  22. Buy a knife from E. Dehillerin
  23. Climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe
  24. Rent a fancy boat on Seine
  25. Take a croissant baking class
  26. Take the tourist train around Montmartre (with champagne)
  27. Party in the basement of Rex
  28. Cycle to Giverny (Monet’s gardens)
  29. Visit a fashion show Paris Fashion Week
  30. Play basketball at the American church
  31. Visit the Gendarmerie training facility
  32. Sneak into the Catacombs (my own visit here)
  33. Afternoon tea at Le Meurice (my own visit here)
  34. Visit the l’Orangerie museum
  35. Go to the Dali Museum
  36. Experience Parc Astérix
  37. Drinks at the Girafe restaurant
  38. Ballet at Opera Bastille
  39. Visite Musée de l’armée
  40. Drink a mint tea at the Grande Mosquée
  41. Dance all night at a warehouse techno party
  42. Spend 1 night in a fancy hotel (like fancy fancy)
  43. Have lunch/dinner at a 1-star Michelin restaurant
  44. Skateboard at République with all the cool kids
  45. Visit the newly reopened Musée Carnavalet
  46. Witness the Moulin Rouge
  47. Go dancing at Le Caveau de la Huchette jazz club
  48. Visit Soho House Paris
  49. Dine at the Cheval Blanc rooftop at la Samaritaine
  50. Go fishing in the Seine

That’s it! How many have you already done? Now, why not add your bucket list in the comments below?

As for me: I plan to work my way through these activities this year and will be sharing my finds on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

If you’re looking for further things to do in Paris, explore my website or buy my 2022 Paris PDF guide below.

6 thoughts on “Paris Bucket List 2022: 50 things to do in Paris

  1. Hi Oliver,

    I was intrigued with your suggestion to take the tourist train around Montmartre (#26 on your bucket list of things to do in Paris). I have been to Montmartre a few times and was unfamiliar with this train.

    If you read the (very mixed) reviews of this Petit Train on, it does not sound like this activity is even close to a “must do”. Reviewers say the schedules are erratic, the ride is bumpy, and the commentary unintelligible.

    I was curious as to whether you had personally ridden this train ride and what your experience had been.


  2. Visit the Number #1 boulangerie in Paris, L’atmosphere
    Sunday swing dance under pont Marie/Marcounet
    Swim at the iconic piscine pontoise with private cabine
    Sip the famous Chanel cocktail at Hotel Costes
    Sundays at Kong
    Walk through Pere la chaise cemetery
    People watching at Foucault’s on the Champs Élysées
    Saturday brocantes – vous grenide!
    Hang out at Place Contrascarpe (where Hemingway often wrote)
    Shop hard at Bon Marche
    Grab a velo and cycle to Le Tour Eiffel/Pont Alexandre III
    Coup de champagne at Cafe Marly at Le Louvre after saying hi to Mona
    Saturday brunch at St Regis
    A classic cocktail at George V
    Best confit de canard at Bistro Valois
    Kiliwatch for best second hand parisian clothes-buy a hat!
    Piano hour at Le Louis
    Trivia night at The Auld Alliance
    Fois gras from Comtesse du Barry
    Walk the history trail of Abelard and Heloise
    A cafe au lait at Cafe Hugo in Place de Vosges
    Pick up some herbal tea from Dammann Freres
    Get a stamped book from Shakespeare & Co
    Dance in the Tuilleries, jump in puddles!

  3. Quite a list! Your show today with Shelly was good, too. I’ve been to a few; plan to do many more!

  4. I’ve done a few as well! Living in Paris for 4 months commencing February 2. So far I’ve adopted some of your recommendations, and added a few of my own: visit 10 lesser known museums (ex: Vie Romantique, Cernuschi, De la Marine); hike in the forests of Fontainebleau (is that Paris?), drink a different bottle of champagne every week (my original goal was to drink every brand displayed in the Galeries Lafayette but I think I would need a liver transplant), and attend a different organ concert every Sunday (or at least when we aren’t on the road) followed by a lovely lunch/brunch. I CANNOT WAIT!

  5. Lived in Paris for 2 and a half years (2008 – 2011 ish). Just heard you talking on ABC Melbourne Radio with Rob Quin. It is interesting that people don’t do the inside of the Arc de Triomph, it does have the best views of Paris. If it’s still possible, for free you can go up to the 6th floor of Galeries LaFayette, I think it was the women’s store. you have to climb the stairs from the 5th floor to the outside. But lovely views there, and for free. I did the tourist boat ride on the Siene and agree with you. The views from the river are gorgeous. Am going in March for a few days, and will try one or two things on the list if I have time. I am planning to go to Versailles, I went once 16 years ago. Need to go back. it is beautiful. Currently living in the US. (for the 4th time). Thx for your effort in all this. Appreciate it. P.S. Have had lunch at the Le Train Bleu. Def worth going. Have fun.

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