What’s it really like to be a waiter in Paris?

On this week’s Earful Tower podcast episode, host Oliver Gee is joined by Edward Chisholm whose new book “A Waiter in Paris” is taking the world by storm. The book has been hailed by critics as a spellbinding debut novel, and there’s no doubt it’s an intoxicating look at a different side Paris.

“A Waiter in Paris” dares readers to learn the ugly truth about dining in Paris. From Edward’s own experience as a Parisian waiter, he shares his observations of the hidden underbelly of bistros, the corruption of money-hungry management, and the bonds formed between waiters as they battle being overworked and underpaid, while dreaming of the day they can leave the ruthless world of waiting. 

Edward joined the Earful Tower in the grand Belle Époque brasserie Bofinger to discuss the book, waiting in Paris, and the myths about working in French restaurants. 

The Earful Tower podcast episode

Click play to listen to Edward Chisholm talk about his new book and to hear some insider’s secrets on what happens behind closed kitchen doors. This podcast was recorded inside the restaurant, so with the background noise, you might just feel like you’re sitting there with us. Note: You can also find this podcast episode on Spotify, iTunes, Android… and everywhere else you find podcasts.

A glimpse into the Bofinger restaurant

We recorded this podcast inside the glorious brasserie Bofinger, seated beneath their Belle Époque glass-stained cupola. This Alsatian influenced restaurant is open from 12pm-3pm and 6:20pm-11pm everyday, except for Sundays, where it’s open continually from 12pm-11pm. @brasserie_bofinger Address: 5-7 Rue de la Bastille, 75004

Metro – Line 1, 5 and 8 station Bastille

Bus – 29, 69, 91

We also recently visited Bofinger as part the Paris Countdown series, click here if you’d like more ideas on what to do in the 4th arrondissement.

Find more from Edward Chisholm

Head to Edward’s website for more on the author, including information on how to get his book.

Parisian waiters in action

Here are a few more snaps from our photographer Augusta Sagnelli on the theme A Waiter in Paris.

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That’s it for now. A big thanks to Augusta Sagnelli for the wonderful photos.

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3 thoughts on “What’s it really like to be a waiter in Paris?

  1. Loved the podcast. Of course I was a waitress in my youth and really relate. I’ve already ordered the book and eager to dive in! Thanks Oliver and Edward.

  2. I read the book without wanting to put it down! Sooooo good! Incredible story with unbelievable situations. I loved it!

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