20 years on: From “Almost French” to wholly Australian

Meet Sarah Turnbull, the author behind the 2002 smash hit memoir Almost French.

But she isn’t in Paris anymore, no no. She is in Sydney, which couldn’t be more different. So with all these years gone by, what does Sarah miss about Paris?

I asked her for this week’s podcast, but that was just one part of a sprawling conversation; we also touched on how Australia “does” French things, rue Montorgueil, and she shared an exclusive insight into her new book!

The Earful Tower podcast episode

Click play to listen to Sarah Turnbull talk about her Parisian experiences and more. We recorded this episode at Frenchy’s Cafe in Mosman, the perfect place to reminisce about all things Paris and France. Note: You can also find this podcast episode on Spotify, iTunes, Android… and everywhere else you find podcasts.

Find more from Sarah Turnbull

Check out Sarah’s books “Almost French” and “All Good Things” – and follow her on Instagram here: @sarahturnbullauthor

The Earful Tower’s guide to the 2nd arrondissement

During the podcast, we discussed the 2nd arrondissement an awful lot (we both lived here upon moving to Paris. We especially talked about rue Montorgueil, a pedestrianized paradise if you like cafe terraces and prime people-watching opportunities. You can read more about the district on our blog link here

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