IN PICTURES: The Earful Tower’s Christmas party

Here are a bunch of photos from the 2022 Earful Tower Christmas party, which we just hosted at the elegant Cercle Suédois.

The Venue

Cercle Suédois Address: 242 Rue de Rivoli, 75001

This club, which dates back to 1891, is the oldest Swedish club outside of Sweden. It seemed the perfect venue for our party, not least given Lina is a Swede. You can find it on rue de Rivoli overlooking the wondrous Tuileries gardens. It’s open for lunch and dinner, but you need to be a club member for their various events. Or indeed, you need to be an Earful member to come to our parties there 🙂

The Music

The evening featured live jazz from Alex Freiman and Cesar Poirier, and a surprise musical act from Gosia as Edith Piaf, accompanied on piano by our beloved Earful musician, Pres Maxson.

We live-streamed the performances so Earful Tower members around the world could watch too (members can watch the replay here).

The Guests

The crowd of 100 people was a mix of Patreon members and past podcast guests from the show. We had authors, artists, musicians, photographers, YouTubers, tour guides, cafe owners, bakers, and chateau residents. We also had some VIP guests like Carl and Jodee Boehm, who are not only extraordinarily active in this community, but were extraordinarily generous in helping fund this event.

That’s all for now! A big thanks to Augusta Sagnelli for the beautiful photos – and hope to see you at the next big party.

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  1. It looks like a lovely, classy evening! Thanks for sharing it with those Patreon members who couldn’t enjoy it in Paris!

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