10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Map of Things to Do in Paris (for Earful Tower members only)

  1. Hi Oliver,
    We will be in Paris in June 2023 and will give the map a spin. We played around with it and expanded areas so the pins were more dispersed and found the linked details helpful, too, with days and times open. We will let you know how much we used it on the ground when we visit in June. Best to you, Lina, and Otis.
    Dee and Al Puff

  2. Wow! Wow! And wow! I’ve been trying to compile something like this for years. Mostly, mine’s a mess. Thanks so much for doing it for me!

  3. Nice!!! This is a great adjunct to the .pdf! My hubby asked if the map pins can link to your arrondissement videos. I’m guessing they don’t but thought I’d pass along his thought (just in case you or Eddie don’t have enough to do already 😉). Thank you for all you do for us 🙏🏻

  4. Oh my gosh, Oliver! This is terrific! I’m basically going to be doing everything you recommend in two weeks so by the end of my trip I’ll be calling myself a Gee.

  5. Thank you so much! We’ve been planning our trip in 2 weeks and have used your pdf, podcast, blogs so much! Excited to have this map as well. Also, I hadn’t heard of Wanderlog before and it looks like something we can really use for our itinerary!

  6. Thrilled to have this for our April visit. Anything we can bring you guys from the states? Maybe the next Otis book? Also in your spare time would enjoy seeing that purple shopping icon expanded!

  7. This is the most amazing map. I love maps. I remember laying on my stomach as a kid with maps all over the floor dreaming about going places. This is the creme de La creme of maps. Thank you!

  8. So glad I finally joined as a Patreon member (your 20 arr. series decided me ;-)) We are going to the Carnavalet for our 2nd visit since it reopened. There’s so much to absorb and learn one develops museum brain at a certain point. We still have 2.5 floors to go.
    A hidden gem we’d love to share is the Musée Cognac Jay. It’s also in the 3rd and I’d put it up above the Rodin for museums to visit. A similar museum is the Jacquemart André in the 8th – another fascinating museum created by a couple devoted to the collection and curation of significant art which was left, along with their Hôtel Particulier homes, to the State for all to benefit from and enjoy.

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