Near death in Paris… and how it shaped me

Australian author Jayne Tuttle almost died after an elevator accident in Paris. 

She retells the harrowing story on this episode of The Earful Tower and explains how her excellent memoir series has helped her with the recovery process.

The podcast episode

She has published two memoirs about her life around the time of the accident: Paris Or Die and My Sweet Guillotine. Find her official website here and follow her on Instagram here.

“Paris Or Die”, Jayne’s first book, recounts her experience of leaving her life as a Melbourne theatre student and moving to Paris after grieving the loss of her mother.

The sequel, “My Sweet Guillotine”, continues the story. The blurb: “In the wake of a bizarre, shocking accident in Paris, Jayne finds herself back in the city in a strange limbo. Ignoring the past, she tries to move forward. There is theatre. Love. New friendships. A new neighbourhood. But the accident haunts her, forcing her to confront herself and the experience in ways she could never have predicted.”

You can find Jayne’s books – and Jayne herself – at ‘The Bookshop at Queenscliff‘ in Victoria, Australia, or online through her website here.

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