Paris Bucket List 2023: 50 things to do in Paris

Looking for something to do in Paris?

Here’s the 2023 edition of the Earful Tower’s bucket list. Let’s start with a quick look. Here’s the easy-to-read, easy-to-skim version (available as PDF further down).

Now, a few notes before we really get into it. These aren’t 50 new things in Paris. Rather, they’re 50 activities that a collection of Parisian friends want to tick off their lists. Things we’ve always wanted to do… as well as a few new things (like the recently reopened Cluny museum).

The whole idea is to give yourself a reason to get out and do something in the city you love. As the reigning champion of the Earful Tower’s annual bucket list, I explain the rules, the idea, and my personal additions to the list in this week’s episode of the podcast. I’m joined by my wife Lina, an artist in Paris.

The podcast episode

Our Bucket List items are below, together with lists from some prominent Parisians including Australian Ambassador Gillian Bird, France expert Véronique Savoye, the eternal Comte de Saint Germain, baker Molly Wilkinson, musician Pres Maxson and blogger Shannon Pratuch. Thank you to Patreon members Allie Pasdera, Kev Dao, Rod Blake and Kim McBride Loftus for their suggestions (become a member here.)

I’ve added links to official websites, and sometimes to my own work from previous visits.

Here we go!

The full list (with links): 50 things to do in Paris

  1. Visit the Paris aquarium   
  2. Have a drink at the Serpent à Plume bar
  3. See the Phillipe Auguste arch entrance for the Bièvre river
  4. Run in the Paris Marathon
  5. Climb the Arc de Triomphe
  6. Dine at the Jules Verne restaurant
  7. Support a marathon runner
  8. Take a millinery course
  9. Have an art exhibition
  10. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  11. Read in the Bibliothèque Richelieu
  12. Eat at Le Doyenné restaurant
  13. Visit Le Musée Marmottan
  14. Visit Le Louvre
  15. Do a food tour in Paris
  16. Do a chocolate class at Edwart Chocolat
  17. See inside the kitchen at Poilâne
  18. Visit the crypt below the Colonne de Juillet 
  19. See Alfons Mucha exposition at the Grand Palais Ephémère 
  20. Enjoy a goûter “à la Française” in the Salon Proust, at the Ritz.
  21. See an outdoor movie at the Domaine de Saint Cloud
  22. Have a cocktail at Cravan (our pictures here)
  23. See the 17th century pools under the Maison du Fontainier
  24. Have dinner at MoSuke
  25. Find the Grange Batelière (an old Paris river)
  26. Stargaze at Sorbonne Observatory
  27. Tour the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  28. See the Cluny Museum (my own visit here)
  29. Go to a show at La Cigale
  30. Drink at the Little Red Door
  31. Create a fragrance at Musée du Parfum 
  32. Drink at the rooftop bar of Cheval Blanc
  33. Visit the Maison Gainsbourg
  34. See the rooftop bar at the Dame des arts hotel 
  35. Ride the Paris helium balloon
  36. See a show at the Opera Garnier (our own visit here)
  37. Picnic at Buttes-Chaumont 
  38. Dine in the dark at Dans le Noir
  39. Walk a part of La Petite Ceinture
  40. Visit the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis
  41. Stay on Île Saint Louis
  42. Eat at Le Meurice restaurant
  43. Sing along at Le Vieux Belleville (our own visit here)
  44. Play pétanque
  45. Get to the top of the Pantheon
  46. Visit Musée du Quai Branly
  47. Witness the Tour de France
  48. Go to Disneyland 
  49. Boat along the Marne river
  50. Day trip to Rodin’s studio in Meudon

And that’s the complete list! How many have you already done? How many can you do this year? Now, why not add your bucket list in the comments below?

We will be adding a printable PDF version of this list in the coming days, and another blog post where we will dive deeper into the exact lists and stories from our contestants.

As for me: I plan to work my way through these activities this year and will be sharing my finds on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you’re looking for further things to do in Paris, explore this very website or buy my 2023 Paris PDF guide below. (It’s free for Patreon members, remember)

2 thoughts on “Paris Bucket List 2023: 50 things to do in Paris

  1. Plus Carnevelet, Picasso, Dali, Vin Chaud at a Christmas market, a concert at Église Saint Germain Des Près, watch the sunset from Sacré Court or Pont Neuf, chocolat chaud in Jardin Luxembourg, Christmas lights at Place Vendôme or Rue Montaigne, get professional photos taken while in Paris! ( The list never ends)……..

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