6 thoughts on “Tracing the Bievre: The lost river of Paris. Pictures, maps, and a live video replay (members only)

  1. Oliver, thanks for the wall/river pics. As a fellow history nerd that must have been a highlight for you. I’ll add the first Wednesday of the month to my next visit – unfortunately timing doesn’t work for this year ☹️

  2. I’m kinda glued to the screen, Oliver 😄
    Maybe I’ve missed it in the video part of the walk but what does the Bras Unique plaque stand for ? Assuming there is just this one ?

    And the wall/ bridge bit, the stones look almost new. Is it really the original or have they rebuild it ?

    1. We didn’t really touch on that in the video – I think it’s just another short man made canal, perhaps between the other two arms

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