How to visit the charming Paris street Rue Cler

Rue Cler, which runs through the 7th arrondissement of Paris, is surely one of the most charming streets in Europe. It’s up there with rue Montorgueil, which we covered last week.

It’s perfectly charming, as picturesque as a postcard, and there always seems to be something happening.

There are plenty of terrace tables, and there is a seemingly endless array of shops with cheese, fruit, flower, wine, chocolate, ice cream, tea… and more.

In this blog post, I’ve collected a few things you should seek out on this street. And in this week’s podcast episode, you’ll hear me and my wife Lina walking along the street from north to south (specifically, from the intersection of rue de Grenelle all the way to the end of the street).

We talk about things we see (in real time) and yes, there’s a large dose of nostalgia as we delve into some memories. Yes, it’s with heavy hearts we announce that after two years living next door, we will now be leaving this neighbourhood.

Things to find on rue Cler

I think the most important aspect of rue Cler is the street as a whole. You don’t necessarily need to stop anywhere. You can just walk it and take it all in. Soak it up, feel the neighbourhood vibe. Feel like a local. But if you’re looking to stop, here are some tips.

Have a coffee at the Bleu Olive cafe

This cafe isn’t technically on rue Cler, but it’s about 10 seconds walk from the rue de Grenelle intersection. And it’s lovely. It’s run by a French family, they make great coffee, and it’s the ideal place to gather your strength before visiting the street. We visited this place pretty much non-stop, especially when we first moved to the neighbourhood, and we’re going to miss it. Say hi from us, if you ever visit.

Cheese at La Fromagerie

This is the shop where the local businesses get their stocks. You can find it at number 31. When I asked the owner what cheese she would choose if she had to leave France tomorrow and never come back, she recommended the Epoisses Nus. It smells strong, but she promises it’s incredible. They also have goat cheese shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Bonus: At the very end of rue Cler is the Griffon Fromagerie (pictured below), another great fromagerie, where I got a lesson in cutting Comte after the infamous cheese massacre of 2022.

Try the traditional cafe terraces

You simply must sit at either the Cafe du Marché or the Le Central. The drinks are overpriced, the food is pretty average, the customer service can be hit and miss… but these places offer some of the best people watching in all of France. Find a spot on the terrace and watch Paris go by.

Find the old butcher hooks

Halfway down the street you’ll see a restaurant called La Sablaise, which used to be an old butchery. If you look very closely you will see that the facade has dozens of old metal hooks, which are from the days when they’d hang their fresh meat on the shopfront. Of course, they don’t hang anything there anymore, but it’s cool to see the glimpse of Paris’s past.

Grab a baguette or crepe at Maison Julien

This is where Lina and I discussed the warm baguettes in the podcast. This place is eternally popular and with good reason – they make great bread! The crepes out the front are excellent too, perfect for a snack on the go.

And that’s it! Rue Cler also featured in our recommendations for things to do in the 7th arrondissement. You can see our visit in video format via our YouTube channel (you can do subscribe in one click via this link) and our blog post recommends even more things to do in the seventh district.

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All photos: Augusta Sagnelli

4 thoughts on “How to visit the charming Paris street Rue Cler

  1. Oh, we just love the rue Cle!. We will be sorry to lose you in the neighborhood. We are moving, too, around the corner from rue St. Dominique to another Paris Perfect property. Hope we can meet up again on one of our trips. Best of luck in your new place!

  2. This podcast was very fun to listen to! You two are delightful and always so authentic. You truly let your followers into your life, and I believe we all think of you as extended family. I have been visiting Paris since 1980 when i was 29 years old and it’s odd to me now to see take away coffee and cookies (like chocolate chip, etc.) in bakeries and restaurants. And especially seeing people drinking and eating while they are walking around. I’m not sure how I feel about it but . . . . I’m looking forward to seeing the video of you saying farewell to Rue Cler and also following your next adventure in “Where are Oliver, Lina and Otis living?” I’m guessing the 16th.

  3. Agreed, Bleu Olive is pretty nice and Epoisses Cheese ? My god, it’s one of the best !! If you haven’t tried it, you totally should 🙂

  4. Hello from Singapore. I’m a new listener to your podcast and I am loving it and learning a lot of new things about Paris and France. Please keep it up!

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