Gin is booming in Paris! Meet two guys making it

The Parisian gin scene is taking off, and no one knows it better than Quentin de Montgolfier, one of the founders of the Distillerie du Viaduc in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. In this week’s episode of The Earful Tower’s podcast, de Montgolfier sat down with host Oliver Gee to discuss all things gin, from the history of the spirit to the intricacies of distillation and the emerging gin scene in Paris.

In the podcast episode, de Montgolfier delves into the details of gin production, discussing the botanicals that go into his gin and the importance of balancing flavors. He also talks about the challenges of starting a distillery in Paris (together with his business partner Theo), including navigating regulations that come with opening it inside the Viaduc des Arts. (Note: If you’re not familiar with the viaduct, it’s the same place where you can find the chocolate shop we featured last week).

But perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation is de Montgolfier’s insights into the Paris gin scene. While France has always been associated with wine, cider, Champagne… or even Cognac, Absinthe, and Calvados (the list goes on…), gin is now making a name for itself in Paris. De Montgolfier attributes this trend to the rise of craft cocktails and the desire for unique, locally-produced spirits.

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