Paris On Air: The audio experience

Forget everything you know about audiobooks.

This is an audio experience.

Yes, my new memoir, Paris On Air, is now an “audio experience”. There’s original music, real characters from the book reading their lines, and ambient Paris noise in the backgrounds… There are even some outrageous cameos from friends of The Earful Tower podcast.

Here’s a free taste from chapter three, via Patreon, where members are getting the audio every day as it’s ready. It’s me and Fabien heading out to Brittany for my first taste of the French countryside.

And look below, it’s another teaser section from later in the book, from my first trip to Paris with my brother Eddie (pictured below too!).

Anyway, enough of the free tasters, please buy a copy here.

Once you buy it, I’ll send you an email with a link and a password, and you’ll be off! It’ll look like this, but it’ll be clickable (below is just a screenshot!).

Anyway, that’s it! Order your copy of the audio experience above. I can’t wait for you to hear it! That link again:

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