🎙️ Observations on the Paris Metro…. from inside the Metro

Forget the studio this week, we’re heading into the Metro system.

Yes, I’m joined by podcaster Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast to take Line 2 around town while recording an episode about the subway system itself.

That’s him in the pic above, investigating one of his favourite features of the Metro.

And did we time it right so Corey Frye gets on the train as Luke gets off? Listen below to find out.

To answer some of the unanswered questions from the episode:

1. Colonel Fabien is named after Pierre Georges, one of the two members of the French Communist Party who perpetrated the first assassinations of German personnel during the Occupation of France during the Second World War.

2. The fire at the Couronnes station was in 1903, and killed 84 people.

3. The link to our previous story on the Metro – 30 things about the Paris Metro that even Parisians don’t know.

And here are some pictures of the things we mentioned:

Here’s the hole in the Metro seats:IMG_2646

Here’s the mystery tap near the entrances:IMG_2648

Here’s a look at the Blue Line we were travelling on (Line 2).


And here’s Luke and myself:


If you enjoy this kind of stuff, consider signing up on Patreon to become a paid subscriber to the show. Subscription can cost less than a Metro ticket a month 🙂

6 thoughts on “🎙️ Observations on the Paris Metro…. from inside the Metro

Add yours

  1. I love this episode!!!…because I LOVE the metro!!!…I use it all the time!!!..just beware of bag snatchers!!!…I stay near Arts et Métiers!….my favourite!!!!…well done again…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, nice episode, this is my first time here (i’m a LEPster), great episode about metro, I would choose to spend all day in line 9 cause it looks new and you have phone signal almost in every stop and also line 1 cause it’s the tourist line.




  3. Is the baby born yet? 🙂 Thank you so much for this episode, you two were hilarious! It was so interesting to listen to foreigners’ observations on the Parisian Metro! Also, I won’t be able to attend to the season’s finale but as I would like very much to listen to a 3rd season, I made a small contribution for it 🙂 All the best and I hope to hear you guys again soon!


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