🎙️ Macron and macarons: A guide to the French president and France’s favourite sweets

The best way to understand a country is to understand the person running it. That’s my theory at least.

And with that in mind, we’ve got Adam Plowright in the studio. Now, Adam may not be the person running France, but he is the man who wrote the first book in English about France’s President Emmanuel Macron

Adam explains the “Macron handshake”, the president’s fascinating rise to power, and how he dreams of Macron after following him around for a year. He also gives us a few tips on how to become successful, from what he’s observed from Macron.

Find Adam’s book – The French Exception: Emmanuel Macron – The Extraordinary Rise and Risk here.


After Adam, we have a new voice on the show, April Pett who runs the April in Paris tours. Due to a hilarious miscommunication, she didn’t come with a story about Macron – but about macarons, the sweet meringue-based confection.

Why not book a tour with April, your friend in Paris? Tell her The Earful sent you and you’ll get a tote bag on me 🙂

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Season 3, episode 2:

Oh yes, and the new Pierre Hermé macaron spot that April mentioned is at number 86 on the Avenue Champs-Elysées. This tip, and 150 others, are in the Earful Tower guide here.

Oh yes, and a big thanks to Parisian Postcards who drew this episode. Yes, she literally drew the picture below after hearing the episode. Follow her too!

That’s it! If you like these tips, be sure to check out The Earful Tower’s Guide to Paris.

The Earful Tower’s Guide to Paris

It’s here! After six seasons of making The Earful Tower podcast and 100+ expert guests, I’ve finally put together the ultimate guide to Paris.


6 thoughts on “🎙️ Macron and macarons: A guide to the French president and France’s favourite sweets

  1. Great episode once again!!…now I need to get this book!!…can’t wait till next Monday…and just a sidebar I thought MACAROONS were coconut domes?…nothing to do with chocolate…well that’s what they are here in Australia anyway!
    Great work again!!!

  2. Good episode I must say. The mythical house making macarons is also obviously Ladurée, even if they are a bit (too much) expensive for common people like me. And I don’t care much for them anyway 😬 Also, I love the new jingle, it’s awesome! 😀 The only part I miss very very much is the Corey Story at the end!

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