🎙️ Living the Good Life in the French countryside

Hi guys!

So what’s the big difference between France and Paris? Are they the same? Or are they wildly different? (Of course they’re different, don’t be silly).

We have Janine Marsh – the woman behind The Good Life France website – in the studio to chat about it all, and also her new book My Good Life in France.

She lives up in Pas-de-Calais in northern France – where she bought an old house and renovated it, slowly populating the garden with 72 animals and enough stories to fill a best-selling book.

But deep down, she still loves Paris (don’t we all?).

Hang around at the end of the chat where – true to the theme of the episode, we have Christian from Bike About Tours talking about his absolute favourite day trip out of Paris. Hint: It’s to a region named after a famous French drink (not Cognac).

Oh yes, we recorded his part of the chat in the bustling Le Peloton cafe where you can find my Croc-Monsieur tote bags for sale. And if you’re interested in booking the specific bike tour he talks about, click  here.

Lastly, if you want to support this little show, consider buying my tote bag here or become a Patreon member here. Or do both. Why not? Life is short – support a podcast 🙂

New episode, as always, on Monday. Talk then. Oh yes, and as a little bonus, here are some of my pics from snowy Paris in case you missed them:

7 thoughts on “🎙️ Living the Good Life in the French countryside

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  1. OMG are you serious, “Floriane 663”?? I didn’t even remember it was my pseudo at one time! Haha. But I suppose it isn’t worse than “Olive” 😉🤣 I loved the anecdote about the “Not-de-Calais”, never thought about it!


  2. It was as usual a great podcast….loved both references to Reims as that’s where I do my day trips from Paris…and would love to run into an estate agent like that!!!…keep up the fabulous work!!!..xx


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