What is France’s place in Europe?

This week I’ve got fellow podcasters Katy and Dominique, from The Europeans Podcast, and we’re talking about France’s place in Europe.

So how does the rest of Europe look at France? How important is France? And what have we got to look forward to in France? Who better to answer these questions than Katy, a journalist in Paris, and Dominic, an opera singer in Amsterdam?

We also, of course, talk about their podcast.

At the end of the episode, Lina is back in the studio to talk about the latest in the plans for the Honeymoon Season 4 of The Earful Tower.

I say studio, it’s more of a cupboard in my Grandma’s countryside home in the UK. But still.

Here’s how you can find The Europeans Podcast. Tune in to their show in time for my own guest appearance on Tuesday.

While we’re talking honeymoon plans, here’s a link to last week’s episode.

And here’s a link to buy my new tote bags, as modelled below by the guys from The Europeans Podcast.

Listen to today’s episode below, and learn how to subscribe to The Earful Tower here for more.


2 thoughts on “What is France’s place in Europe?

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  1. I just started listening to the European podcasts a couple of weeks ago and am finding them great…thanks for putting an even better spin on the people involved!…your trip is taking shape…you could say….and your nans linen closet has great acoustics!…all in all another great episode…thanks Oliver..xx kerrin and Leia


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