Brittany: Five interesting habits of the Bretons

Hi guys, it’s another podcast episode today in which we tackle the interesting habits of the Bretons, a review of Vannes (a town that’s surely the pearl of Brittany), and details from a horrific ‘wolf’ incident.

This is all what we’ve learned from the past two weeks scooting through the region, along the northern edge, through the middle, and back out along the southern side.

While you’re here on the website, take a look at what we think may be the most intriguing habits of the Bretons, and click play below for the whole episode.

The Breton habits:

1. They’re very proud

Ridiculously proud, and with good reason, it’s a magical place. But some locals will tell you they’re a Breton first, a French person second. People in neighbouring Normandy would say they’re too proud, but the Bretons would likely say they’re just proud enough.

2. They love their flag

The black and white flag of Brittany, known as the Gwenn-ha-du, is everywhere you look. We even saw some attached to sunflowers. And there’s now a Breton flag attached, in sticker form, to our scooter.

3. They’re truly hospitable

We’ve been touched be the overwhelming kindness of the Bretons, who’ve been quick to open the doors to their homes and have us to stay. Or for dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast… Yes, if you need a host in France, cross your fingers they’re from Brittany.

One great host is pictured below, Camille from French Today who hosted us in Paimpol (and was on The Earful once before, talking about how to improve your French).

4. They’re galette mad

Bretons are seriously, seriously addicted to galettes, which are kind of like savoury crepes. They’re a specialty of the region and they are in every restaurant on every corner. Hope you like the taste of buckwheat, because you WILL be eating it.


5. They’re weather deniers

I’m sorry Bretons, but the weather isn’t as great as you keep saying it is. While most Bretons we met insisted that the weather is always great, it was another who summed it up best: The Breton flag is black and white, but the weather is a mix of the two 🙂

That’s it for now. If you enjoyed this list, you’ll love the episode. Once again, click play below.

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PS: Here’s how the journey looks so far. Not quite the love heart, yet.

3 thoughts on “Brittany: Five interesting habits of the Bretons

  1. The code word should be Vannes!!..great episode…and Lina…I will buy a pair when I arrive in Paris..was always my plan..stay safe away from wolves and will be listening watching and liking!!..xx kerrin and Leia

  2. Please don’t forget to visit the aquarium where you can play with the Crocodile from Paris. 👍💪. Enjoy 😊 Janet

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