How and why I retired in France

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Meet Kev Hay, who left the UK to retire in France a good ten years ago. Now, he lives in Verteuil-sur-Charente, a picturesque village in the west of France where it’s no strange occurrence to hear a British accent. And it really is charming, scroll to the bottom for some photos.

Kev recently took a seat with The Earful Tower to share the story of his own life as a retiree in France, as well as his tips for anyone else thinking of doing the same.

If that might sound like you, or if you just fancy hearing the perspective of a foreigner who has called France home for a decade, then click play to listen to the episode below.

Now, of course, as Kev is from the UK it is a lot easier to retire in France than it would be for many people from many other countries.

Indeed, official stats suggest there are around 57,000 Brits retired in France – so Kev is far from alone (that’s Kev below, by the way… on the left).

However, if you’re from elsewhere in the world, be sure to look thoroughly into a potential move to France because it can be a very tough task indeed. Here’s an in-depth look at the process from this website and another one here.

But just to tempt you into retiring in a French village, here is a bunch of pictures from Verteuil-sur-Charente, something to look through while listening to the episode, perhaps.

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