How I raised a French child (as an American)

Imagine your own child is more French than you are.

Well that’s a reality for Catherine, an American in Carcassonne, who’s today’s guest on The Earful Tower podcast.

Catherine, who writes the Taste of France blog, talks about bringing up a bilingual child, the differences between French and American schooling, and the difficulties of parenting between two cultures.

Listen to the episode below.

And check out Catherine’s blog, Taste of France, here.

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5 thoughts on “How I raised a French child (as an American)

  1. I follow both of your blogs and listen to the Earful tower podcast – so it was a nice surprise to see the two blended. Nice job! We were in Carcassonne last year and shared many of your thoughts – we enjoyed this area and hope to return (soooooon).

      1. Same here. I’d seen it from the highway several years ago on our way to Spain – but we didn’t stop. So in 2017 – I was determined to visit – this time we flew into Barcelona instead of Paris, trained to Collioure (a must see if you haven’t and have time) – then rented a car to drive to Charante Maritime and finally on the way we stopped in Carcassone for 2 days. I loved the old city and soon fell in love with the new city. This part of France is very different from the area near La Rochelle that we normally visit – it did not disapoint – it was a very pleasant and friendly city. It was amazing to walk along the canal du midi – the history of its construction – so amazing.

  2. No doubt – it’s amazing. I also enjoyed your article on La Rochelle – this is where my Mother-in-Law lives and the area I am most familiar with. COULD that city be any more perfect? Thank you again for your fantastique podcast! So impressed that you are living your dreams.

    1. Thanks Suz, and thanks a lot for listening. La Rochelle is a treat – your mother-in-law is lucky to live there!

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