I travelled 4,000 kilometres around France on a scooter

It’s certainly an odd way to spend a honeymoon, but that’s exactly what I’ve just done with my wife. For two months, we drove in a big loop around France on a little red scooter at a top speed of 45km/hour (30 miles an hour).

I was astonished by the diversity of the country, with Little Red transporting us through endless vineyards, along the Mediterranean sea, and (amazingly) across the Alps.

It’s been a learning experience for me as I’ve come to appreciate a whole lot more about this country and its people. I’ve improved my French no end.

I’ve learned how to fix a broken scooter (with the help of friendly farmers), how to cure Lyme disease (with the help of friendly doctors), and how to appreciate the difference between a Breton and a Frenchman (thanks to a long weekend in Brittany).

We’ve wandered the streets of the fairytale villages like Mont Saint-Michel, cycled through the salt fields of Ile-de-Re, explored prehistoric caves in Burgundy, and been chased by a wolf (or was it a dog) in a ghost village way out west.

Anyway, you’ve surely heard all this and more from the podcast episodes we did along the way. Now, we are back in Paris in one piece after over eight weeks on the road, and we’ve hit the studio to recount the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and to answer some of the frequently asked questions from you listeners.

And we also give a few tips for places you should visit if you ever need a new spot to see in France. Spoiler alert: Annecy and Carcassonne.

Oh, and we also discuss how the scooter is allegedly a stolen vehicle…

Listen to the episode – the season finale – by clicking play below (or wherever you find your podcasts).

Season five is on the way, subscribe on Patreon if you want twice the fun. And once again, thanks to you generous Patreon supporters. You’ve made this podcast my day job and you made this honeymoon possible.

And while you’re waiting for season five, be sure to subscribe to the Earful Tower’s YouTube channel, where I’ll be uploading LOADS of unseen footage from the trip in the coming days. I started today, in fact, with this video from the markets in Aix-en-Provence (featuring a bit of Tchaikovsky, believe it or not). Enjoy!

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