Parisian men: Dating, sex, and fashion (according to a Parisian man)

So we hear a lot about the almost mythical Parisian woman… but what about her male counterpart?

Frenchman Greg Pouy, who runs the wildly popular Vlan! podcast, joined me for a chat about Parisians.

Now Greg says himself he is no expert on Parisian men, but seeming he is a man from Paris, I decided he could shed some light on a topic that we don’t seem to discuss so much.

Here’s the episode (and it’s also on your smartphone on whatever podcast app you have).

Here’s a pic of Greg below, why not give him a follow on Instagram 🙂

If you enjoyed this episode, you might enjoy hearing my chat with Caroline de Maigret about Parisian women.

Also, you’ll hear me talking about the Australian embassy event during today’s episode – it went really well. You can hear the audio from the soiree in Monday’s season finale podcast!

And lastly, as always, here’s the link for the additional 10 percent discount on French Today, and here is the link to become a member of The Earful Tower.

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