Should you ask French people to correct your French?

Today it’s an episode with Camille from French Today and we’re talking about the whole idea of asking French people to “correct you” when you’re speaking French with them. 

Apparently, this isn’t always a good idea, says Camille. They’re not your teacher, for goodness sake!

Camille dives into the topic in this podcast episode.

And by the way, if you’re wondering what Camille looks like, that’s her pictured above, together with her husband Olivier (left) and me (centre). That pic is from the big Earful Tower event at the Australian embassy in October.

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Camille has also shared her thoughts on the topic of “correcting French” on her website, you can read about it here.

If you want to learn French with Camille’s method, find the audiobooks here.

Meanwhile, Camille is a regular guest on The Earful Tower and you can hear all of her episodes below.

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