Notre Dame fire update with the Marais Mayor

In April 2019, the world watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral burned. 850 years of history in flames.

But that was over seven months ago. So where are we now?

I sat down with Ariel Weil, the Mayor of the 4th arrondissement, to discuss how the reconstruction process is going. He also shared the story of what he was doing on the night of the fire, including a pretty chilling meeting with the president and the fire fighting chief.

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On the day I met with the mayor, I took some photos of the Notre Dame as it stands now. Here’s a closer look.

Back to the night of the blaze. I was down there myself and I shared this live stream from the scene. The video after that is the Parisians singing on the Pont de la Tournelle.

For another take on the fire, here’s another Earful Tower podcast episode with Philippe Hertzberg, who runs the Secret Journeys tour company. He was at the cathedral when it caught fire.

If we rewind a little further, you can take a really good lesson in Notre Dame history by joining me on this walk around the cathedral. I recorded this live on YouTube in February 2019 and it’ll give you a good sunset look at the exterior of the cathedral before the fire.

And I just gave myself goosebumps by re-watching this video from inside the cathedral, which I recorded it two months before the fire.

Ok, that’s it for now.

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Thank you to Monsieur le Maire for the interview, which I’m linking again below. It was recorded in his office at the Town Hall of the fourth arrondissement.

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  1. I climbed the Tour St Jacques last September 2019 and highly recommend it. It cost 10E and reservation is required.

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