Art attack! The woman who’s painting Paris every day

Paris has been on lockdown for about a month now.

And when local shoe designer Lina Nordin Gee saw that all her stock had been “taken hostage” in closed Paris shops, she decided to pick up a paintbrush instead.

And what followed has been truly captivating. And I’m not just saying that because she is my wife.

Every day, Lina has been sharing a timelapse video of her watercolour paintings and her 5,000 strong Instagram following has been going crazy for it.

One day it’s Audrey Hepburn, the next it’s a look at the artists of Place du Tertre in Montmarte. Today it was the bouquinistes of the Seine.

I interviewed her about in on today’s podcast episode, talking about why she’s doing it, how she does it, and what’s coming next. Listen below and please subscribe!

Be sure to follow Lina on Instagram here and buy one of her prints for as little as €20 on her Etsy shop here.

Here are some of her paintings. I wonder what she’ll make tomorrow… (Tip: Press the play button on the images below to see the time lapse!)

5 thoughts on “Art attack! The woman who’s painting Paris every day

  1. I love these paintings! And the interview with Lina was enchanting. I love your easy back and forth. One question: How do you do the time lapse sequences? I’m quite curious.

  2. Great interview!! Love seeing the watercolors everyday on Instagram. It’s a little taste of Paris! Oh and Lina, I’m with you on the macaron issue. They are so pretty and I am obsessed with them. They are popping up all over Wisconsin now and I am in heaven!

  3. These were amazing to watch…going from white paper to a beautiful image! I wish I could “see” the way Lina does. Brava!

  4. Your watercolor of Oliver is fantastic, Lina! You have a truly delightful style and we appreciate your interview. Thanks for sharing. Dee and Al Puff

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