Big News: The Earful Tower is now a company!

It’s true! The Earful Tower isn’t just some little basement-made hobby anymore: It’s a real company.

And with 1.5 million downloads, two books (this year), almost 600 members, and two podcasts (more on that in a second) … it was about time!

We’ve just jumped through a lot of hoops, navigated a few roundabouts, and swung on a few swings to get here – and mostly en francais – but it’s now official.

You’re now following The Earful Tower Ltd. (Well, that’s not how they’d write it in French, but you get the drift).

So what does this mean? Well for you, it means you can rest assured that this thing won’t be disappearing anytime soon. The opposite. Now I’m more motivated to keep growing it and making it better.

I’m in it for the long run, I’m literally invested in it, and I am going to keep working hard to make sure it thrives.

I figured some of you guys might be interested in how one starts a small company in Paris, so I made a podcast episode about it all. You can listen below.

The funny thing is, when you start a small business you immediately are titled Le Président, which means my wife Lina, the co-host of today’s ep, is La First Lady.

Listen to the episode for a few laughs about forged signatures (mine, unfortunately), canine dental records, and getting a postal address on the Champs-Elysées (yes, I’m serious).

Meanwhile, both Lina and I are delighted to see that our children’s book Kylie the Crocodile is finding new homes across North America.

If you’re in the US and Canada, you should get it this week. For Europe and Australia it’ll probably be next week. For everyone else, probably the week after. A more detailed explanation here.

Children in the US reading the book!!!

Keep sending us pics and tagging us in your posts. We still don’t have a copy so we’re living vicariously through you guys!

So what’s the reaction to the book? Well, here’s a quote from a family with six children:

My children thought the story was great! The youngest (4 years old) loved that it was based on a true story and the older kids liked the facts in the back of the book, especially that a crocodile was found and given to a zoo. I liked being able to point out the places I have visited in Paris just like Kylie.

I also enjoyed that my entire range group of half a dozen kids (4-14 years) all enjoyed it at different levels. My middle daughter who loves to draw (11 years old) really enjoyed the illustrations and how they looked vintage, but had modern everyday items. My 8 year old daughter kept looking for Kylie on each page, while my 14 year old son liked knowing about the places Kylie went to and even thought it delightful that a little boy was holding an Eiffel Tower balloon.

It was those little details that make the book fantastic and the want to read over to find more of Paris in each page…may it be through the easy readable text to the detailed illustrations.

How lovely! And I guess it answers the age-old question of what age children can read it…. all of them! If you haven’t ordered it yet, do it now and you’ll get it quick. Direct link to buy here.

And lastly, I’m very proud to announce that The Earful Sweden, my brand new podcast, will launch on Wednesday. A closer look at one of the most intriguing countries in Europe, just like this pod but with a Scandi focus.

Here’s the trailer (note the new logo with the colours of the Swedish flag)… and please be sure to follow on Instagram here. I especially want you guys who think you’re not interested in Sweden to listen to the trailer. I think you might like it.

This show will come out every Wednesday, and you’ll have three full episodes ready on launch day. Exciting times!

Lastly, a very sincere thank you to the Patreon supporters. Without you guys, I would never have taken The Earful this far. There’ll be some thank you treats on the way soon. But first, I’ve gotta get rid of the headache from going through two months of behind-the-scenes French admin.

Onwards and upwards!

PS: Here are all the Paris episodes I’ve ever done. Only just learned how to embed this, have a scroll and see what you can find 😉

14 thoughts on “Big News: The Earful Tower is now a company!

  1. Lovely news to read during my lunch today! Look forward to listening to the podcast and wish you and Lina much success!!

    Sharon in Toronto (@sharononsocial)

    1. Thanks Sharon! How lovely to share a lunch break with you in Toronto. How exotic. Thanks for reading (And listening!!)

  2. So many congratulations, President Oliver and First Lady Lina. Your cheerful energy makes my day! Wishing you a million more successes! Olivia

    1. Wow, a million more successes? That sounds dangerous, but I’ll take it! A million mercis from me (and Lina!)

  3. Congratulations, Oliver (and Lina)! That’s quite a milestone and you must feel quite a sense of empowerment to have an established company. Good business sense, as well. I’m looking forward to listening to The Earful Sweden! (from Leslie Raynor, a/k/a greenrecycler)

    1. Thanks Leslie, you’re very kind. I hope you enjoy TES (The Earful Sweden). It feels great to have started a company, let’s see where this thing goes. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Starting a new business is wonderful and delightfully terrifying all at the same time! Enjoy the marvelous journey in front of you!! All the best from Chris in Phoenix, Arizona!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I find micro entrepreneur enough of a mish, I can only begin to imagine the admin nightmare of a French ltd company, HUGE accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing where you take things next.

  6. Congratulations! I really enjoy listening to your podcasts – they always brighten my day – and I am happy to hear that they won’t be ending anytime soon! All the best from Kathryn (A Canadian living in Dijon).

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