The 100 best doors on the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris

I spent the past few days walking around the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s the small island in the middle of the Seine, more or less in the centre of Paris.

And I noticed the island was home to an extraordinary number of great doors and doorways.

Here are the 100 I liked the most.

Note: I didn’t write down the addresses, but it takes less than an hour to walk every street on the island – so if you really want to find one I’m sure you’ll manage 😉

Click the images to make them bigger and happy strolling (or should that be scrolling…).

That’s it for the photos! If you want a closer look at the doors, here’s a Walk Show video I made on the island a day after I took these photos.

And if you’re a real door fan like I am, here’s my long walk along the best Paris street for doors: Rue de Varenne in the 7th arrondissement.

And in case you’re new around here, my main gig here is as a podcaster. If you want to hear my episode about this island, where I interview a man who has lived here since the nineties, click play below.

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10 thoughts on “The 100 best doors on the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris

  1. I was unable to visit Paris this year due to the pandemic, so I was sad, but these door pictures helped cheer me up! Merci!

    1. oops, that twas meant to read : stunning collection, Oliver … un grand merci pour la partage ✨🌟✨🙏

  2. Lovely photos of the Isle…the Heartbeat of PAris. How marvelous it would be if you were invited inside the doors to the magic of gardens within!!!! I have lived in Paris 31 years during this time, I have often walked this same route. Never ONCE were any of the doors open to give a glimpse of treasures past those sturdy gates..

  3. Loved the doors Oliver! I have been a fan of European doors over the years and those in Paris escaped me. I always think about the doors of Dublin-either Georgian or Edwardian and shiny bright colors. You also put me onto the “chasse-roue” in front of the doors in Paris….love that I know they had a specific purpose. Thanks for sharing! I have been following you for a few months silently, but I think I’m about to “get in” on your action….
    I also loved the two Sweden walks of Stockholm and the most beautiful city in Sweden. Since I have been to Stockholm, I felt like I was “right there” once again. THANKS! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Thanks Jeanie, so glad you’re enjoying all these doors (and walks). I am very happy that I’m not the only chasse-roue fan too!

  4. Thanks for the inspiring stroll! You inspired my next Paris map…doorways of the Île. I’ll be happy to give you a shout out when I post it. And I see my doorway at #18!
    Cheers Carolg

    1. Thanks Carol, happy to inspire any kind of map, especially one like that! Good luck with it and I’m looking forward to seeing it!

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