An introduction to The Earful Tower podcast

What is The Earful Tower podcast? Who is Oliver Gee? And who’s that Swedish woman in all the pictures with him?

Well, in short, I thought you guys knew all this stuff.

But in an Instagram poll the other day, I asked a simple yes or no question to the 14,000 followers:

Have you ever listened to my podcast?

Amazingly, 34 percent of respondents said no. Think of what they’re missing!

So then I got thinking: With 250+ podcast episodes, maybe it’s quite daunting to know where to begin. Or maybe those 34 percent just aren’t podcast people yet.

So, I did what I should have done four years ago and I made an introductory episode, together with my wife Lina. That’s her in all these pics by the way 🙂

In this episode, we welcome you as if it’s your first time listening, explaining who we are, what we’re up to with The Earful, and a clue or two about the Paris district we’re moving to next month.

There are also lots of little packages featuring the best episodes from the past years (including interviews, on-the-go shows, and chats with dead celebrities).

To listen to this episode, you can just press play below.

Now that you’ve got a taste, here are ALL the episodes I’ve ever made, starting with the most recent.

As I said in the episode, no need to start at the beginning. Just find something that appeals to you 🙂

Now of course, you can listen on other platforms too, like Spotify. Or, if you have a smartphone, just search for the inbuilt “podcasts” app, type in “The Earful Tower”, and click subscribe.

If you knew all this stuff already – never fear: My idea was that you regulars can use this as the webpage/episode to show friends who’ve never listened. And besides that, I think you guys will enjoy the episode anyway, particularly the bleeped section towards the end.

Otherwise, you can find Lina’s art here and my books here.

Lastly, there’s a hidden set of instructions at the end of the episode so we can figure out who has been listening carefully. If you made it that far, you know what to do 😉

And – as ever – here’s the link to join the coolest Paris member’s club on the internet. See you there!

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