Meet the man selling silk flowers by the Place des Vosges

While sipping a coffee from Le Peloton in the Marais the other day, I found myself talking to a Dutchman named Diederick.

Small talk turned to medium talk, and I learned that a year or so ago he decided to wildly change his career track and sell flowers instead.

But not just any flowers. He sells exquisite silk flowers (or faux fleurs) in a colourful shop on the Rue de Turenne (around the corner from the Place des Vosges).

Intrigued, I visited the shop – Flora Magnifica – a few days later with a microphone.

So, on the podcast today, it’s a chat with Diederick about running a business like this in Paris. How do Parisians react to his flowers when they learn they’re artificial? And how does the Paris cycling culture match the Dutch?

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To find the flower shop, search for Flora Magnifica or visit the website here.

Remember, you can get a ten percent discount by entering the coupon code “earfulflowers” at the checkout. Note: This is not an affiliate link, it’s simply Diederick’s way to attract you to his site! Remember: there’s never been a better time to support small Paris businesses! And yes, he ships internationally 🙂

Can you believe these flowers below aren’t real?!

Meanwhile, there’s a 14-page PDF Scroll to go with this episode with deeper dives into France’s relation with flowers and loads more pictures – become a Patreon member to download it. (And PS, becoming a member will unlock the replay of my walk along the Philippe Auguste Wall – the best one I’ve ever done!).

That’s it for now! If you’re new to The Earful Tower, here’s the link to 250+ podcast episodes I’ve done with other interesting Parisians like Diederick.

2 thoughts on “Meet the man selling silk flowers by the Place des Vosges

  1. After listening to this episode in the depths of winter during our lockdown in Canada, I was reminded that the flowers we bought to put outside of our flat in Paris would have long since died. Thankfully we were able to visit Flora Magnifica in July and remedy that issue more permanently!

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