A Paris treasure hunt: Tracking the Philippe Auguste Wall

Strap in tight, I’m taking you on a high-voltage adventure in Paris.

Today on the podcast it’s the story of how I’ve retraced every element of the Philippe Auguste Wall – this time on the Left Bank.

If you’re new to the idea, this is the wall that surrounded Paris 800 years ago then was swallowed up and largely forgotten over the years.

I’m fascinated by the wall – and the hunt for its vestiges. I’ve retraced the whole thing, knocking on doors, sneaking through doors, and climbing over walls. This is where it got to be a pulse-racing story, you’ve probably never heard me this nervous or excited.

Listen to the episode below or wherever you get podcasts – and tell me what you think! Do you want more like this? Fewer?

If you want to see all this visually then fear not, I’ve got you covered. I did a live walk along the outline of the wall for members and if you sign up, you can watch the replay here. I got into 5 private courtyards and many, many members said it was the best walk I’ve ever done.

Membership on Patreon is $10 a month, which is two coffees, or one mango on rue Montorgueil. This video replay, hidden on a private YouTube link, is worth the month’s admission straight up 😉 Sign up here.

I also promised a few photos and addresses in the podcast, here are the main ones I mentioned.

Here’s a closer look at the wall inside the carpark I mentioned in the show.

And lastly, here’s the inner courtyard garden featuring the house built against the wall.

Below is the photo taken by Marianna, whose voice you’ll hear in the show. Follow me on Instagram where I’ll reveal the photos from the basement of the restaurant this week.

Keep an eye out this week, I plan to do one last Philippe Auguste blog post about how to find ALL the remaining towers.

Here’s today’s episode via Spotify, click follow to hear more in the future!

Still need more wall in your life? Here are some pictures and a podcast episode from 2018, when I traced the Right Bank section of the wall.

One last reminder, Patreon membership link unlocks the video replay. Hope to see you as the newest Earful Tower member!

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