Kylie the Crocodile goes animated… and swims again!

We’re hugely excited to announce that Kylie the Crocodile is now officially in her second print run! It’s been so much fun to see her swimming all over the world to your bookshelves!

However, one of the most common questions we’ve got from people is: “What’s the age range for this book?”

And instead of us just giving you our best estimate (which is 3-7) – we figured we’d share an animated version of the book so you can see for yourself!

So, without further ado, here’s Kylie the Crocodile in Paris – the animated version. It’s narrated by me, and Kylie is voiced by the illustrator (Lina). It’s thanks to Eddie Gee that Kylie is moving in the video, and the music is by Aaron Lopez-Barrantes.


So… what did you think? Did you enjoy it?

Well, if you did like it and want a closer look, then you’ll LOVE the hardcover book. It features several extra pages that aren’t in the video, with facts about all the Paris locations that Kylie visited. There’s even a page explaining how this is indeed based on a true story (and it is!).

Here’s the direct link to buy the book, or click on the icon below.

What people are saying

“Beautifully illustrated” – Shakespeare and Co Bookshop.
“Pure Magic” – Bonjour Books DC.
“Gorgeous” – The Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop.

And fifty more five-star reviews on Goodreads!

7 thoughts on “Kylie the Crocodile goes animated… and swims again!

  1. What a treat to see Kylie hiding under the street.
    Her adventures are exciting and she is so sweet!
    Watching her move around below and above ground
    Made the story even better as she got wetter and wetter!
    Obviously I loved it and was never bored.
    So what did I do? Ordered two more!
    With cheers from Janet McDonald

    1. It can’t get any better, can it,
      To read your rhyming comment, Janet
      Very funny, very slick,
      (And your two books will get there quick!)

  2. The story is adorable, and the art is fantastic! Your wife is a wonderful artist and I love her prints as well. What a powerhouse team, including your brother with the illustrations animated. Makes me smile! I looove an Aussie accent, and imagine it would also sound good with a French accent too, for a future print run. You are fun to watch in so many ways. Thanks for helping me through the pandemic.

  3. It’s thoroughly delightful to see the animated version (thanks, Eddie) and to hear both of your narrations. You must be so very proud! Your talent is remarkable! I sent a copy to my middle school-aged granddaughter at Christmas. I will forward her this version to bring another smile to her face. It’s that contagious!

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