An idiot’s guide to fashion in Paris

What’s the deal with Paris Fashion Week? And what should you wear as a tourist in the City of Light? And just how do Parisian women get their hair to look like that?

All these questions and many more are answered on The Earful Tower podcast this week by Monica de La Villardière. She’s a Canadian in Paris who works as a fashion and culture journalist.

She is also the co-host of the fashion podcast Fashion no Filter, and she runs the hugely popular Instagram account @monicaainleydlv, where she takes over 100,000 people behind the scenes of the Paris fashion world…. and far beyond!

Look, there she is below!

Listen to the podcast

Monica and I (the idiot mentioned in the title of this post) sat down in the lovely Treize au Jardin cafe for this chat on a rainy autumnal day. You may even be able to hear the rain in the background.

Enjoy the episode and follow for more of the same every single week. 

More from Monica

Of course, the best way to see more from Monica is to follow her on Instagram. But here are a few more of her street style snaps.

Mentioned in the show

Monica’s article in Vogue UK about Emily in Paris. The secretive street style account Parisiens in Paris. And Treize au Jardin, the cafe where we recorded the episode.

Meanwhile, here’s the clip of The Earful Tower’s shoutout in the US game show last week.

And below, as promised, is my new TikTok account featuring just one video: Monica and me, doing a limerick. I have 3 followers. Can you help?


Podcast poetry! Limerick with today’s podcast guest, Monica de la Villardiere, talking fashion in Paris. ##Paris ##parishfashion ##parisfashionweek

♬ original sound – Oliver Gee

Thanks for listening! Here’s our chat one more time. New episodes every Monday 🙂

7 thoughts on “An idiot’s guide to fashion in Paris

  1. Just finished listening to my favorite Monday morning treat. Then I went to my email and relived it again in pictures, thank you for bringing a little Paris in my life until I can return in 2022.

  2. I may be alone but I would like to heard what adult middle aged and older men should be wearing. I know no Fanny packs and ball caps but noticed last time lot of French men had on tee shirts with words and slogans which I thought were not acceptable to do. Also noticed lot of French in shorts, not cargo! What is good to wear and not have a sports jacket on? I have started to wear nice straight jeans and tucked in tee shirt, nice shoes and Converse which seem to be very popular with the French.

  3. Ha, liked the discussion about natural ventilation or ‘thru air” as Monica called it. Here in the US when windows are opened for cooling on opposite walls it is called “cross ventilation”. LOVE your podcast, Oliver, but too much on social media and not enough on fashion. So like your idea for a second episode with Monica.

      1. More about everything behind that effortlessness. French women are notorious for meticulous hair and skincare. It’s not as laissez faire as people would like to believe. Bust the myth a little ; )

      2. Hi Oliver! I love your podcasts here in lockdown central, Melbourne, Australia where we have plague, pestilence , earthquake and civil unrest (as well as four seasons) in one day. Your positivity is wonderful! I think a session on recommendations for women to wear in Paris would be terrific. Also, when lovely Lina is free , some tips from her about her style would also be wonderful – I love it that she keeps it real with converse and the House of Z (Zara) as well as her special pieces. Thank you so much!
        (Also Im a proud Patreon subscriber and I love the scrolls and walks as well. thanks again for making my lockdown experience magical.)

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