Fishing in the Seine River (with baguettes as bait)

Edit: It’s with great sadness that I update this page to say that fisherman Fred Miessner died a few months after we recorded this episode. The morning I fished with him in Paris was unforgettable, he was such a lovely man as you can surely tell from our story below, which I’ve left untouched since it was published. Rest In Peace, Fred.

Ever wondered what’s swimming in the waters of Paris? Of course, we all know the crocodile story… but what else could be down there?

In the hopes of finding out, I met fisherman Fred Miessner on the Pont de Sully for a fish and a chat.

We walked bridge to bridge along the Ile Saint Louis, casting our lines using baguette chunks as bait.

According to Fred, there are catfish down there that measure 2.5 metres and 100 kg (8ft 220 pounds). Did we succeed in catching the big one? Listen and find out!

The Earful Tower episode

Meanwhile, find out more about Fred and his “Street Fishing” by following him on social media below or on his website here. Or book a fishing experience with him here.

Below is a picture of Fred with a giant catfish in central Paris!!!

And below is a picture of the piranha Fred caught in the Canal Saint-Martin.

Photos from the day of fishing

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