IN PICS: A private boat ride on the Seine

Ever wanted to glide down the Seine river in a sleek little speed boat?

That’s exactly what we’ve just done for the season finale of The Earful Tower podcast, with the whole Earful Team. Here’s what it looked like.

But first some practical details: The boat was the Corto from the company “Le Bateau Francais“. You can find more about their private cruises here. It is a neo-classical vedette from La Rochelle, built new in a 1930s style. The boat can carry up to 10 passengers, there’s inside and outside seating, a toilet, and if you book a cruise you get drinks and treats provided.

Ready? All aboard!

Our 90 minute cruise started at the Louvre and headed west, then turned back after the Statue of Liberty (more info on all the Parisian Liberties here). Then we went all the way back to the Ile Saint Louis before finishing up at the Louvre again.

Below you’ll find all the photos of the event and the podcast episode that we recorded while on the cruise.

Tip: When the pics are small, click them to make them big.

The podcast episode

For this season’s finale, the whole team shares their favourite Paris secrets on a private boat on the Seine. Listen below and subscribe wherever you get podcasts.

The guests

Joining us was Louvre expert and tour guide Amber Minogue, The Earful’s own tour guide Charlotte Pleasants, and our trusty photographer Augusta Sagnelli, as well as a few close friends of the show. Captain Clement (below) also makes an appearance on the podcast episode.

Landmarks along the way

The cruise offered an exciting and new way to view the Paris Classics such as the Eiffel Tower and the Musée d’Orsay. What else can you spot?

The boat details

Le Bateau Français took us aboard their gorgeous Corto speedboat to cruise along the Seine. It was a great way to gain a new perspective on Paris while enjoying a private and memorable experience right in the heart of the city. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @lebateaufrancais.

That’s all for now! Once again, the boat is Le Bateau Français.

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