At the Bar Hemingway in Paris with an actual Hemingway

Well it’s not every day you find yourself chatting with a relative of Ernest Hemingway in the Ritz Hotel bar.

But that’s exactly how I spent a recent evening with Claudine Hemingway, an American writer and tour guide.

We chatted about Ernest, Paris, and the Ritz hotel – and a whole lot more.

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4 thoughts on “At the Bar Hemingway in Paris with an actual Hemingway

  1. This podcast was an awesome followup to Hemingway’s collection of short stories I just finished reading, “A Moveable Feast.”

  2. We were there November 28, 2018 for my son’s birthday 28th birthday. Memorable time in a memorable place and yes, the drinks are expensive but the service is excellent. Remember to go exactly when it opens (I believe 6:30 p.m.) or you won’t get a seat. Listing to this brought back great memories but you never said how she is kin to him??? or did I miss that?

  3. Hi. I call my times in Bar Hemingway my $15.00 Hemingway Ritz dinner, because they gave us so many nibbles with our drink, that I wasn’t hungry for food afterward. So it was basically my dinner. All in how you look at things.

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