An idiot’s guide to the French Revolution

Hello everyone!

Oliver here, your resident village idiot (at least when it comes to history).

With this in mind, I invited history podcasting titan Mike Duncan into the studio to explain the French Revolution to me in the simplest possible terms.

If you’ve got an interest in how France was shaped then I think you’ll enjoy our chat. Listen below (and be sure to subscribe!).

If you’re a history expert, you should dig a bit deeper into the excellent work that Mike is doing.

He has a podcast called Revolutions that has taken the history world by storm, and he is in the process of writing a new book about Lafayette. All the info you need is on his site, here.

As for me, be sure to check out the Kickstarter link to my new book here. There’s a lot more information on it here.

If you want to learn French with Camille’s method, find the French Today audiobooks here.

And lastly, here’s the episode again in case you missed it.

4 thoughts on “An idiot’s guide to the French Revolution

  1. Thank you Oliver and Mike, I really enjoyed this podcast. A couple of other films about the French Revolution which are both magnificent: Ridicule and Farewell My Queen – have you seen either? I would love to know what you think of them. I actually visited Versailles in 2016 – thrilling! Valerie Mayer, Australia

    1. Thanks Valerie – I’ve not seen those films but I’ll keep an eye out. And I love Versailles too 🙂

  2. Hi Oliver,
    if in any ways you are interested in understanding French mentality, then exploring French History through english-speaking specialists would be a first start. May I advise you have the book “The Collapse of the Third Republic” by William L. Shirer (great book), and the lectures and movies by Dr. Hellen Castor who studied some parts of the 100 years’ war whose lectures and films can be found on the net : and
    Stéphane VACCA

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