We did it!!! My memoir will be printed!!!

Note: This book is now printed and in circulation. The best way to buy it is via my site here (or here for US deliveries).

Two years ago I started writing the story of my time in Paris.

Six months ago I finished the first draft.

One month ago, I finished my fourth edit and added a much better ending. And I added a title, Paris On Air.

One week ago, I revealed to you guys that I’d been working on my Paris memoir and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the initial print run.

The launch party at Coutume Cafe.

I was a little worried, as my goal of €8,500 was ambitious and I wasn’t sure how interested podcast listeners would be in a book about the host.

But just three days into the campaign, we soared past the target and funded the whole print run!

I am still pretty gobsmacked. Look, you can see how smacked my gob is below.

Passing that Kickstarter goal meant that I could officially give the green light to the printing house. They’ll make boxes and boxes and boxes of the book. They’ll even help me ship it from the US to Australia, France to Fiji (and beyond, I hear). I’ll even have leftovers.

But wait, the story continues.

Even after the pledge target was reached, people kept buying books. I added what Kickstarter calls a “stretch goal” of €15,000 and promised a visit to the US.

And we reached that goal too! So now I will fly to the west coast of the US in May 2020, then rent a car and drive to the east coast, and meet all you American listeners. My wife will join me and we will bring Paris to you.

Rough map here.

The initial reaction to this road trip has been phenomenal.

But more on that further down. First, I want to point you in the direction of the behind-the-scenes chats about the book that you may have missed.

I have released three “emergency” podcast episodes outside of the regular Monday shows.

The first was a recount on the disasters behind the launch party. You can hear it here. Robberies, hummus tragedies, and internet catastrophes.

The second was a chat about how I plan to make the audio book, or as I’m calling it: The Audio Experience. I have my favourite Paris musician in the studio with a guitar helping me plot the whole book.

Hear it here.

There he is! It’s Aaron from Slim and the Beast.

The third was with Lina about the road trip.

So, what about this road trip?

Well, I chose US as the first destination for two reasons. One: It’s where most of the listeners are, not to mention most of the Patreon supporters. Two: I did a road trip there a few years ago and absolutely loved it.

The tricky thing is knowing where to go. I know most listeners are on the west coast (though I never understood why). So that’s the logical starting point. (Below is the map of Patreon supporters in the US).

I plan to fly to Seattle, then drive to San Diego, then to Chicago, then to the big east coast cities, then down to Florida. I think.

That’s a lot of driving, but hey, we drove a scooter 3,000 miles around France for our honeymoon so I’m sure we’ll be fine.

The red beast in Annecy, France.

The route around America isn’t certain. I can change it if you can convince me. But that map above is a fairly good outline.

In case you’re interested, here are the top ten US cities by podcast listenership:

But here’s how you can really help. If you’re along that route and want to meet us, let me know! Let me gauge the interest. Write a comment below.

Oh look, it’s me and Lina in Memphis on another US road trip…

Depending on the city, I am confident we could fill a room.

You guys know what to do! Let’s make this happen.

Thanks again for helping me realize this dream! Merci and happy holidays!


Here is the link to buy the book. If you’ve found some joy in The Earful Tower over the years, supporting the campaign is how you can make my dreams come true 🙂

21 thoughts on “We did it!!! My memoir will be printed!!!

  1. Don’t discount bookshops. While you might find you have to give them a cut of the sales price, you will create a team of sellers on your behalf when you’re gone on to the next place.

    1. This is a very good point – I’m glad I wrote that bit, it allowed you to knock some sense into me 🙂 thank you Katherine 🙂

      1. I should have thought to ask you first!! I will possibly be starting in Seattle. Oh how I hope you’re there at the time 🙂

  2. Oliver, In Montclair NJ across the Hudson from NYC is a FIAF locations (https://fiaf.org/newjersey/info/) that we just went to a book discussion with one of your Earful Tower guests, Elaine Sciolino as she promoted her new book The Seine, the River That Made Paris.

    That may be a good venue to reach out to.

  3. If Barnes and Noble at Vanderbilt or Parnassus Books in Green Hills in Nashville aren’t on the schedule, I would still come to Atlanta.

  4. Atlanta is not at the bottom of the listener ranking. You must come here or at least somewhere closer than New York! We also have Alliance Francaise and a big airport with easy, direct flights home to Paris. Easy direct flights from JFK and LGA or even Newark, NJ to Atlanta…. If you were interested in coming to the suburbs I know someone who’d host you and the lovely Lina. I will inquire as to the availability of a venue at the local library also. Fair notice: the city of Atlanta is more centrally located…

  5. Congratulations, Oliver. We can suggest that if you select southern AZ or Tucson, Az we would be delighted to attend. There is a wonderful and hugely well attended Festival of Books held in Tucson annually. It takes place in mid-March each year to coincide with school breaks in the area. Self-publishers like you would be welcomed, we are certain.

      1. We loved the revised map we saw posted with your Christmas scooter ride video. Thanks for cruising along the Champs Elysees and the potential of cruising through Tucson next May. In any event, we wish you and Lina great joy in 2020 and a very Merry Christmas!! Cheers, Dee and Al

  6. Congratulations.perhaps consider starting in Seattle down to San Diego then across to center to east coast. I would like you to stop in Houston [we have lots of locations nearby for meet] but may come to Dallas.

  7. Hey Oliver,
    I am happy to report that your event is all set in Miami. Florida is a large State but your listeners in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale can always drive to Miami for your event. It is not too far. Miami has a large Alliance Francaise and French Consulate. Let’s see what they can do to promote your event. I will keep you posted.

  8. Alliance Française de Tulsa. If you’re driving north from Dallas to Omaha, Tulsa will be on your way.

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