Year in review: The best of The Earful Tower in 2019

Wow, what a year it has been for The Earful Tower! I figured it was a good chance to dig into the stats to see what you guys were watching/listening to/clicking on the most.

Top podcast episodes

In 2019, I released 74 episodes of The Earful Tower podcast. What a treat to meet so many interesting Paris characters, and what a privilege to share their stories. The show had close to 500,000 downloads and listeners all over the world.

But the one podcast to rule them all, at least in terms of downloads, was….

…. drumroll please….

It was supermodel and author Caroline de Maigret! Who’d have thought my random encounter with this Parisienne and the ensuing coffeeshop recording would be the top episode! Who knew! Full blog post here or listen below. PS: She has a new book out, she’ll be back on the show soon talking about it.

The number two spot went to Instagram influencer Carin Olsson from the hit channel Paris in Four Months. Full blog post here or listen below.

Number three, meanwhile, went to tour guide Boris from Paris in Person. He listed what he considered to be the most interesting thing in every arrondissement. Full blog post here or listen below.

Top videos of 2019

Well, who could forget that 2019 saw the Notre Dame Cathedral tragically burn. I went down with my camera and recorded the scene live. There was a particularly touching moment when Parisians spontaneously burst into songs and hymns. That moment was the most watched video this year.

If you want more on the Notre Dame, my favourite podcasts of the year were about it. First is a tour guide who was at the scene, the second is the Mayor of the Marais who was also there.

Second place on YouTube went to model and author Caroline de Maigret, from our live walk through her Paris neighbourhood, Pigalle. Almost 20,000 people watched this walk!

Third place, meanwhile, went to my epic walk with YouTuber Jay Swanson. We crossed the entirety of Paris on foot, from south to north. This particular video, below, is the replay from the part between the Seine and the north side of Paris. This is a long video, of course! Not ideal for a coffee break 🙂

Top blog posts

When it comes to the pages on this very website, I see that you readers like lists! And tips about Paris! So it’s no surprise to see that the top spot went to a list of things you should NEVER do in Paris.

Number two was another list, this time with culture shocks provided by fellow podcaster John Clarke.

And lastly, my post about Rue des Abbesses – the best street in Paris, finished third.

If, like me, you are a fan of rue des Abbesses, here’s what it looks like right now with the Christmas lights. This is a replay of my live Facebook “Walk Show” around Montmartre.

Top book club book

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular event in the Book Club this year was the live video from David Lebovitz’s apartment.

We were talking about the renovations there, which he documented so well in L’Appart. Check out our video below. (He also has a new book coming out, keep an eye on David!)

My memoir about Paris!

And finally, this year was a big one for me. I finished writing a book about my life in Paris and launched a Kickstarter to fund the initial print run. The campaign was a success after just three days!

If you want to read my book, please pre-order it here now. If you do it through the kickstarter right now, it’ll helps me to extend the first print run and take the book on tour.

Well, there you have it! Thanks for joining me in 2019. It has been a wonderful year and I’ve taken great pleasure in sharing Paris with you all. I’m looking forward to 2020!

And most importantly, a very special thank you to the Patreon supporters of The Earful Tower who continue to make it all possible. Merci.

(Join them today for loads of bonuses, not to mention cool invites to events like the one pictured below!)

Happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Year in review: The best of The Earful Tower in 2019

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful 2019. It is so revealing — in your case, of hard work — to take a deep breath and look back on the past year. Would love to hear more from Boris in 2020. History with humor.

  2. Congratulations Oliver…2020 will be a fabulous year for you….so many exciting things happening and god willing I will be here along for the ride as I always have been….say hi to Lina and keep up your amazing work xx Kerrin and Leia xx

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