Top five episodes and blog posts of 2022

In true Earful Tower tradition, the end of the year provides us a chance to see what everyone was reading and listening to the most. Here are our top five blog posts, podcast episodes and Instagram posts of 2022.

Top Five Blog Posts

We published 82 blogs this year on The Earful Tower covering topics such as secret passageways, flea markets, a controversial cheese carnage (and many more). But what was the most-read blog of the year? Starting with number five…

5. What it’s really like to dine at the legendary Paris restaurant Le Train Bleu

Dining at the Train Bleu restaurant is a true bucket-list experience that everyone should try once. Here’s what happened when we visited, complete with dozens of stunning photos. (And these photos are surely a large reason behind why this post was so widely spread!)

4. Ten expert tips for planning your Paris trip

So you’re coming to Paris and you want to maximise your time and spend your money wisely. But how to do it? Here are our tips. (No surprises this post did well, it was a round-up of all we learned from the big Paris Countdown season).

3. Movie time: Here is a video tour of every Paris arrondissement

Come along with us as we showcase each Paris arrondissement. Discover our favourite places, hidden gems and much more. This was all 20 YouTube videos in one mega post.

2. Paris Bucket List 2022: 50 things to do in Paris

Looking for something to do in Paris? This is the 2022 edition of the Earful Tower’s bucket list. What’s not to love! Fifty fun things to do in Paris!

1. A unique Paris apartment: Inside a domed rooftop home

Ever wondered what it looks like inside a domed Paris apartment? Well here’s what happened when we visited one. (This post went viral on social media, perhaps architecture fans are numerous out there… or perhaps all Paris fans have just been curious to actually see inside one of these things).

Top Five Podcast Episodes

This year we recorded over 40 new episodes of The Earful Tower, completing our 11th and 12th season, and kicking off the 13th. We ventured off into our Paris Countdown series, discovering the very best of each arrondissement, interviewing chefs, bartenders, museum experts, jazz musicians and many others. But which episode came out on top?

5. The 15th arrondissement of Paris: The overlooked district

Over 14,000 people listened to this chat about the best view of Paris, a bistro steeped in local history, a delightful bakery and the best things you should track down in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

4. The 18th arrondissement of Paris: What to find in Montmartre

15,000 people tuned in for the podcast all about Montmartre, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Paris. There’s even an interview with Basil the artist from Place du Tertre.

3. The 16th arrondissement of Paris: The sweet life

Over 15,000 people listened to our chat about the 16th arrondissement and its incredible Art Nouveau buildings by architect Hector Guimard. Here’s the podcast episode, featuring a chat with Franck Audoux, the owner of the Art Nouveau bar Cravan.

2. Paris Bucket List: Things to do in 2022

17,000 people listened as the reigning champ of The Earful Tower Bucket List, Shelly, joined with her top five things to do in Paris in 2022. Shelly is a Paris art consultant and has her finger firmly on the pulse of things to do in Paris. But will her list prove more doable than everyone else’s?

1. The 17th arrondissement of Paris: A slice of family life

For our most listened podcast episode of 2022, over 25,000 people checked out our show about the 17th arrondissement. This podcast features an interview with an American living inside a domed rooftop, and the head bartender from a cool cocktail bar. (And it’s surely thanks to the blog post of the domed apartment that this episode outshone the rest).

Most liked Instagram posts

This year we had a total of 80,000 likes on our Instagram account. Here’s the top five posts of 2022.

5. Sip ‘n’ Sketch

4. WWII film set in Montmartre

3. Canal Saint-Martin

2. Checking up on Notre Dame

1. Fête de la Musique

That’s all for this year!

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2 thoughts on “Top five episodes and blog posts of 2022

  1. Hello guys,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for this year, which have given me lots of new useful words and phrases. Your content is very varied and interesting. Now, from your latest podcast episode, what does ”metric” mean in ”in every single metric”? Do you know the Swedish word? And also, what does the PDF guide to Paris include (is it divided into arrondissements)? Lastly, I wish both of you a Happy New Year! (Jorgen from Sweden)

    1. The PDF is indeed divided into arrondissements, and metric could be “pa alla satt man mater” with all the missing accents included, of course 😉

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