How to spend 24 hours in EVERY Paris arrondissement

Looking for ideas of things to do in Paris?

Well here comes an in-depth guide to the city, like you’ve never seen before. In fact, like I’ve never seen before too, and I’ve been living here since 2015!

What we will show you in Paris

So, over the next few months, I’m going to take you singing with Edith Piaf, browsing books on a floating library, and sipping wine with a caricature artist in Montmartre. And that’s just the first three episodes!!

I’ll also sneak you inside gobsmacking Paris building lobbies, bring you up, up, up into a magnificent domed coupole apartment, and we’ll mix cocktails in a stunning art nouveau bar.

Between Februrary and August 2022, I will be visiting the arrondissements for 24 hours at a time with my wife (and our son). We’ve been staying in interesting hotels, dining in great restaurants, and finding awesome events, wonderful bars, and exceptional cafes. I’ve been interviewing the locals to try and understand the soul, the flavour, of the various neighbourhoods.

And we have been sharing our findings, starting with the 20th district and going all the way, in order, to the fancy first arrondissement.

How to follow the journey

You can explore our findings on this very website, with several in-depth blog posts each week. Every Monday, I’ll share an Earful Tower podcast episode where we’ll discuss our trips, and you’ll hear the voices of the local experts. (Here’s a guide to how to listen to the podcast, if you’re new around here)

I’ll also publish a weekly travel vlog to YouTube, so you can see it all with your own eyes. Make sure you’re subscribed here. I’ve even brought along a photographer for the ride, so we’ll be sharing some beautiful images on social media. Hit follow on Instagram here and Facebook here.

And here’s the playlist of the season, updating in real time with each new episode.

How to help make this show possible

I feel like it’s important to stress that we have paid our way for everything. No freebies, no sponsorships, no press passes. We’ve purposely done it this way to ensure that every choice we make, and every review, is honest and real.

Everything was made possible by the Earful Tower Patreon supporters, whose monthly membership fees go directly into making this show and paying our team. Join the other members here, and you’ll get bonus content from our Paris explorations including extra videos, detailed PDF guides, and more.

We cannot wait to share this with you, you’re going to get a whole new Paris and I hope you’re going to love it. Here we go!

All photos: Augusta Sagnelli

One thought on “How to spend 24 hours in EVERY Paris arrondissement

  1. Here’s a challenge…ride all the metro lines end to end in a specific amount of time you set for yourself. It’s been done in Paris and other cities and it’s a great test of strategy. It’s also an excellent way to watch how the demography of the city changes as you go along each line.

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